Sofia, Elsa & the Donkey team

Burros & Sofia

Sofia is co-creator of "burros & artes". Her heart is beating for the gentle & curious nature of donkeys, long walks through the natural park and creative expression of life in many forms.
She lives in the west algarve for over 15 years and is an expert on trekking routes along the Western Coast Line and its backland.
Sofia has created individual donkey trekking tours through the beautiful countryside of western Algarve. The routes last from to 1 to 10 days suitable for couples, families, groups. Prices on request.

Artes: Elsa & André

Elsa is the co-creator and artisan partner of "burros e artes". André joined the team in 2022. Both are passionate about the world of ceramics and its transformative and therapeutic magic.

They invite you to the pottery workshop, under the shade of the thatched roof with a panoramic view towards the green hills of Vale das Amoreiras.

Experience the magical sensation of shaping clay on a traditional potter's wheel, watching it "grow" in your hands until it takes on the desired form.

Each participant will create their own piece, which they can take home with them.

Get to know our handicraft

The Donkey Team

Meet all our lovely donkeys online & get a first impression. 
Most pictures have been taken by our friend & supporter CAIT CAULFIELD  PHOTOGRAPHY (
If you ever wanted to be closer to a donkey but don't have enough space in your back yard, you can adopt one of our donkeys.


is our silent donkey king. He came from the worst conditions & is now one of our leaders.


is our "curly Baby" even though he is already a 6 year old growing up teenager. He loves cuddles & gives kisses.


our latest new member, who completes the team with her versatility & gentle nature. 


is the father of Mija and a very faithful husband to Mel. He can be a bit shy & loves to always be in company of his family.


means the small Chico. He is 100% reliable buddy in all life circumstances.

Flor & Luna

A mother - daughter dream team. Super calm & patient especially with the kids.


is the most curious, open & friendly one. He loves to walk &  is also a cuddle bear.

Mel & Mila

are mother and daughter. Both are very kind & loving beings. They usally appear in a family pack together with father Okami.


is a funny character. He loves to sneak out at night, doing his own thing, coming back when breakfast is ready. 


hasn't had a good start in life and is now enjoying the company of his friends and going for long walks through nature.


our "black beauty" is a fully black donkey lady. She comes with some temparament and is super clever. If it is to sneak out, Olivia is part of the team.


On the edge of becoming an oldi, he loves to take his time and get extra cuddles on the way. In his first home he learned how to jump.

How does the adoption work?

Choose your favorite donkey and know you are doing something amazing!

Your support will reach your donkey directly. It will buy food and health, pay for vet and farrier, as well as his socialization with their kind, living in a herd and trust building with us humans. A yearly contribution starts with 50€.

Contact us per email, telling us which donkey you have choosen & we send you all information about the process.  

Become a supporter for our donkey shelter

Adopt a donkey

If you wish a more personal relationship with one of our long eared friends, you can adopt a donkey and visit him/her whenever you can.


Our donkey shelter is thankfull for any donation. We are happy to receive direct food (f.ex. carob beans & carrots) or monetary donations for specific projects like fence mantainance.


There is always things to do here. We appreciate every helping hand. Please get in contact with us if you are intersted to volunteer on the farm.


our golden oldie was together with Jeco the first donkey on the farm. With his 36 years he is very sharp in what he wants and has taught Sofia many lessons.


arrived together with Romano in the very beginning. He is very impaired by a reumatic hip but non the less enjoys being alive every day and surprises us with his vitality.


is with his 39 years the oldest  of our doneky. He is a real zen master & nothing brings him out of balance. Every morning he enjoys his breakfast still lying in bed.

Contact & Booking

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  • which day/s you wish to come 
  • with how many people you want to come
  • if kids will join: the age of the kids 

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